Ghostface Killah: Bulletproof Wallets Promo 2xLP (Epic 2002)

“The Sun”, a song feat. Slick Rick and Raekwon, was supposed to start Bulletproof Wallets but I’m assuming sample clearance (or who knows? Slick Rick’s never-ending legal drama?) prevented it from being included on the final release. Pity too since it’s one of the best Ghostface songs like…ever. How can you possibly front on a song that 1) has Slick Rick on it. That should be good enough but 2) features three rappers talking about how ill the sun is. That’s ill to the 3rd power. Whoa. And 3) features a rhyme by Ghostface (“the sun could never be pussy/he always comes out”) that was quoted in The Boondocks which is just a way for both Ghost and Aaron McGruder to flash just how much cooler they are than the rest of us. We’re not worthy. (This double LP clean promo also features the never-released original mix of “Flowers” which is radically different from the final version. Be careful though – Epic apparently put out another promo version of this same album which includes “The Sun” but leaves off the “Flowers” mix. However, the version listed here is missing “Love Session” and I think one other song – you sort of need to buy both to get the whole set intact.