Janko Nilovic: Chorus for Leslie
From Supra Pop Impressions (Montparnasse 2000, 197?). Also available on Mood Mosaic 8.

K-Solo: Fugitive (Clark and Cool Jon Love Remix)
From 12″ (Atlantic, 1990)

Part three of the Soul Sides blog stalkin’ series owes its first burst of copycat inspiration (is that any oxymoron?) to Earfuzz.com who recently highlighted French library music composer, Janko Nilovic. I own a few library titles but I really don’t make it a habit to collect them religiously. Bottomline, I’m not a producer so I’m only interested in LPs that have actual songs that I dig, not just cool snippets to loop. Supra Pop Impressions has at least three or four solid songs, “Chorus for Leslie” being one of my favorites in the bunch – I like the vocal touch, it adds a certain character to the already funky track.

Over at B-Side Wins Again, they gave K-Solo a post. Coincidentally, I recently picked up a second copy of the “Fugitive” 12″ that had a remix I hadn’t heard before. It uses the same drums as Clark Kent’s mix but adds in different samples like the Marvin Gaye that you can hear prominently. I wouldn’t call this an “essential” mix by any means but I like the randomness of alternative versions, especially in a day and age where the official label remixes are all but dead and we’re only left with mash-ups.