“El Flaco” Freddy y su Orquesta: El Pito/Humo/Lluvia Con Nieve (From Latin Fiesta, Vol. VII, FTA, 1970s)

After a strong purge of hip-hop records last year, I’ve been starting to sift through my Latin records to get rid of doubles and the like. One record – that I had all but forgotten about – is part of Freddy “El Flaco” Roland’s series of party records he put out in the 1970s. Best I can tell, Roland and his orquestra would play covers of the leading Latin hits of the day, often in medley fashion. The one above is one of my favorite: combining three killer Latin jams into one. “El Pito,” of course, comes from NYC’s Joe Cuba. “Humo,” I believe, was by Lucho Macedo originally and then Roland and his crew clean up with “Lluvia Con Nieve,” by Mon Rivera. All around, excellent work here. If you’re interested in a copy of the LP, peep what I have here.