The purge never really ends but I have updated my Discogs page with a few dozen new 45s, most of them in the $10 range. One of the most recent bigger ticket items is this original Nigerian pressing of Fela’s Everything Scatter. As with all my record sales, email me direct first with what you want and I can almost always cut you some kind of discount.

I also have a bunch of unplayed CD comps for sale. Just cycle through to see which ones. Email me if you’re interested.



“El Flaco” Freddy y su Orquesta: El Pito/Humo/Lluvia Con Nieve (From Latin Fiesta, Vol. VII, FTA, 1970s)

After a strong purge of hip-hop records last year, I’ve been starting to sift through my Latin records to get rid of doubles and the like. One record – that I had all but forgotten about – is part of Freddy “El Flaco” Roland’s series of party records he put out in the 1970s. Best I can tell, Roland and his orquestra would play covers of the leading Latin hits of the day, often in medley fashion. The one above is one of my favorite: combining three killer Latin jams into one. “El Pito,” of course, comes from NYC’s Joe Cuba. “Humo,” I believe, was by Lucho Macedo originally and then Roland and his crew clean up with “Lluvia Con Nieve,” by Mon Rivera. All around, excellent work here. If you’re interested in a copy of the LP, peep what I have here.