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Last October, right around when the SF Giants were about to take the World Series, I was asked by to interview DJ Shadow as part of the “Coachella Conversations” series. Over the years, Shadow continues to be my favorite artist to interview. He’s always thoughtful, honest and insightful and I think you’ll find all on display in this convo. Here’s a small snippet:

And here’s the full conversation.




  1. good chat…. my little record stash is obviously a fraction of the j. davis megapile but i completely agree with the need to “archive” the real gems for posterity along with the durability of wax re: hard drive meltdowns etc..

    you will never find me on the laptop watching the record spin is the best hypnosis when i was living in nyc there was this guy who dubbed himself the “vintage dj” and played oldies on vintage hi-fi turntables in various bars. he marketed himself in that anachronistic way and he got alot of work because of it. i dug his style

    viva la wax

    may the earthquakes stay small 🙂 🙁 🙂

  2. really enjoyed that interview. As a person who grew up buying cds and later downloading music off the internet, his words of caution as to the durability of digital music sent a shiver of fear up my spine. I’d had one external hard die before i was able to get some of my music off it, the worst part: i still not quite sure what i lost. the durability of vinyl is a compelling argument, but damn it is tough to walk around town slinging a record player.

    well done oliver. do more interviews.

  3. shadow speaks with such clarity…very engaging. great interview.

    it made me hug my vinyl a little tighter.

    sidenote: i have cd-rs that are at least 12 years old & still ticking. why do some fail? as for cds, certainly a better archival option than hard drives (my oldest cds must be pushing 24/25 years-though I know they’re all one scratch away from disaster).

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