(Sixto) Rodriguez: Sugar Man
From Cold Fact (Sussex, 1969)

Dennis Olivieri: I Cry In the Morning
From Come To the Party (VMC, 1970)

Sorry for taking so long but I got married over the weekend. ‘Nuff said. Onto the tunes…

The best description I’ve heard for Sixto Rodriguez’s Cold Fact LP is: “This album is heavier than a fart at a funeral.”. Mega trill. The question I want to know is: how did this album come one of the biggest things ever in South Africa? Can someone break that down? Do they smoke a ton of weed in SA? This song, which is about candy that makes you feel good (but not the kind to give you cavities), doesn’t simply sound like it was recorded under the influence. Listen to it enough times and you’ll think you’re the stoned one.

Speaking of mellow moods, there is something even more melancholy about Dennis Olivieri’s “I Cry In the Morning,” a psych-influenced ballad that fits my criteria for “sublime”. It’s not just Olivieri’s plaintive singing but certainly the production of the song too – it’s unlike anything else on the album and is mezmerizing in its tone and texture. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.