It’s Here!.

Soul Sides Vol. 1 is finally here (release parties this past weekend = awesome).

To order, I am strongly recommending you get yours from either:
1) Sandbox Automatic – who host this site. If you want to support Soul Sides, support them.
2) Turntable Lab – who are pretty cool too.

Here’s the deal: I gave both sites an exclusive bonus disc that is unique to them (i.e. each got a different disc) that has 5 bonus songs. I can’t tell you what they are but suffice to say, if you like the songs on the Soul Sides CD, you’re going to like these bonus tracks. Note: there’s no vinyl for the bonus discs, just CDs. Sorry!1

Update: Some of you have pointed out: “hey, I pre-ordered the CD from Zealous…but I don’t get a bonus?” This is a fair point to make but understand this: TTL and Sandbox approached me about doing the bonus CD only last week and moreover, both offered to pick up all the production costs. Zealous couldn’t have offered a bonus disc for several key reasons (all, um, legal), plus pre-order customers got to order the album at a cheaper price than other retail sites. I will try to work out a solution but regardless, you’re going to have to be patient. (Also: keep your paypal receipts if you pre-ordered).

This all said: need I remind you but people get several dozen “bonus discs” worth of material every year from this site for free. Please consider that before emailing me or posting in the comments to complain that we’re not “rewarding” you enough. It’s ungracious, to put it politely.

Also, if you haven’t peeped yet, the CD has its own site, complete with liner notes and sound samples in case you need added incentive. Don’t forget, a portion of sales goes to the Rhythm and Blues Foundation. Good music. A good cause.

1. Some of you might wonder: do I have to buy both CDs, from two different places, in order to get both bonus discs? Well, technically…yes. I will try to make it simpler for people in a few weeks but right now, I’m not prepared to sell the bonus CD through this site, especially since I’m not trying to swipe sales from Sandbox or TTL. I’ll try to make arrangements later in April. Stay tuned for details.