DJ Day: Gone Bad (snippet)
From 12″ (Melting Pot, 2006)

Lefties Soul Connection: Organ Donor (snippet)
From 7″ (Melting Pt, 2006)

I’m so brain addled. I was joking how I confuse DJ Delay and Day but as it turned out, I thought I had already posted about DJ Day but that’s because I actually did confuse Delay and Day.

In any case, here I am, making amends. For long-time fans of the site, you know I’ve already posted about Day before. Twice in fact. As you might gather, I’m a big fan of his stuff and this new 12″ is no exception. For DJs looking for a solid floor spinner or just listeners into some hype funk edits in the same vein as Red Astaire or QSO, “Gone Bad” will fill that need. Be sure to check out the sublime, dreamy B-side too, “Four Hills.”

Day’s 12″ appears on Melting Pot Music, run by my namesake, Oliver von Felbert aka Olski, and his label also has a curious 45 by the Dutch group, Lefties Soul Connection. The B-side has a medley/cover of “It’s Your Thing/Hey Pocky Way” but the A-side (included above) is a cover of…DJ Shadow’s “Organ Donor” (which itself was a remix of sorts of a Giorgio Moroder song). Geeked out? Sure but in a good way.