KRS-One: Hip-Hop Vs. Rap (DJ Spinbad Megamix)
From Spinbad’s Final Mixdown 12″ (Money, 2004)

D&D All Stars: 1,2 Pass It (Underground Mix)
From white label 12″ (1996)

I was first introduced to NY’s DJ Spinbad by my old friend Byze One who played this incredible mixtape for me back around 1996 or so. Spinbad’s scratches, especially his chirps, were so clean; he and DJ Revolution are often compared to one another for that exact reason. It’s that precision cutting that makes his mix for KRS-One’s 1993 “Hip Hop vs. Rap” so extraordinary. As KRS rattles off all those classic lines, Spinbad is right there with every original source sample and every cut is super clean. Maybe it’s just something for geeks to get into but I never get tired of listening to it. For a long time, this was only available on that mixtape but last year, they finally put it on 12″.

Whoever put out this white label remix of the D&D All Stars “1, 2 Pass It” did much the same thing (it’s easier for you to hear it than for me to explain it). Frankly, it’s not nearly as interesting as DJ Premier’s original remix (which appears on the commercial 12″) but I always liked these quirky white label joints that seemed to float in from nowhere.