Estelle: Come Over
Taken from the forthcoming album Shine on Homeschool (2008)

Here’s the deal: I’m only going to post one song from this album because you need to buy the whole damn thing when it comes out on domestic release in two weeks. (If you know what’s good for you you’ll cough up the extra few bucks for an import and get the jump on all the cats who are gonna be on Estelle’s jock come May.) Seriously. It’s not terribly often that I’m introduced to a new record and can almost immediately forget about the other 35 gazillion songs on my Ipod and 46 bazillion LP’s cluttering up my house… but this one did it for me.

This is an album that bears well its title. Tight production, well-selected and executed guest appearances, pop value and heady appeal, all anchored by the voice of a truly talented vocalist… If I sound gushy, it’s because I am. I could have pulled virtually any one of these meticulously crafted twelve songs and felt pretty good about sharing it. But as it happens this particular tune has carried me on its lover’s-rock-anthemic wings through an LA weekend that, in part because of the temperature outside (blazing) and in part because of the tone and quality of this track (blazing), seemed to usher Summer into the City one fell swoop. I had this song bumping at the beach, on the Los Feliz 3 Par, cruising late night on the balmy deserted freeways, at more than a couple BBQ’s… and everywhere I went cats seemed to fall into lock step with the loping shimmering summery bounce. Oo-oh, oo-oh, oo-oh. So so sweet.

Check out tour dates and artist information here. Estelle’s coming. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya’.