Mama Lion: Ain’t No Sunshine
From S/T (Family Productions, 1972)

Kerrie Biddell: (It’s Not Easy) Being Green
From S/T (Bootleg, 1973)

Mama Lion’s cover of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” is arguably upstaged by the album’s cover art (like whoa) but I like how she approaches the song. Instead of the smooth vocals that we associate with Bill, ML unleashes her raspy bellows instead. Also good: how the song slowly builds until the first bridge and then the drums kick in.

I love that Australia’s Kerrie Biddell (who also laces that awesome Daly Wilson Big Band LP from Oz) does a cover of Kermit’s “(It Ain’t Easy) Being Green.” Seriously, more folks need to remake Sesame Street songs. People ever hear Willie Nelson singing, “The Rainbow Connection”? So excellent.