Threat Sickinnahead 1993

Threat: PDK (Mercury, 1993, Sickinnahead)

Threat should have been bigger, especially when he was being mentored by Ice Cube and King Tee and had DJ Pooh and Bobcat doing beats for him (Pooh does “PDK” for example). Heck, they even filmed a short documentary about the album. Alas, maybe if he had been a year earlier, this would have gotten a stronger run but in ’93 it was about Dre and Snoop and folks like Threat and Kam were unlikely to get the attention they might have otherwise.

Meanwhile, this is post #100 of the 365 Days of Soul series. To be candid, it has felt like a chore even though it’s been a great excuse to relisten to a slew of stuff. I don’t do this often but if you’ve been enjoying the first 100 days and want to show some appreciation, please consider copping Let It Whirl if you haven’t already or simply send in a modest donation. Thanks!

365 Days of Soul, #100