After three straight weeks of collaboration fever (Soul Hut, Blunts vs. Soul), we’re going to just return to our good ‘ol days of solo Soul Sidery for a few (though I still got stuff cooking in the pot involving some great guest editors). I have Nina Simone on tap, a bunch of Eastern European rock and jazz, and more Latin sides to slide your way.

Just a quick note: I think this began with the Rolling Stone article but I don’t specialize in “R&B and soul.” Those two terms are redundant. The line between “R&B” and “soul” is as ill-defined as between “rap” and “hip-hop.” I know this sounds nit-picky but we do soul here, among other genres, but not soul and R&B.

More new audioblogs in our midst:

Of The Mirror Eye. Bob has an eclectic mix of songs up right now, including some Funkadelic, James Brown and a cut off Dante C’s Chains and Black Exhaust mix-CD. The Mirror Eye also gets bonus points for not using one of the same four Blogger templates that 90% of other blogs seem stuck with. Don’t get me wrong – I’m using one too but it’s nice to see a different look for once.

Copy, Right. How did I not know about this blog? Liza is all about cover songs, which, as the Soul Sides faithful know, is a personal love of my own. Right now, she’s got a cover of the Go-Go’s “Vacation” done by The Frogs, and Billy Idol doing “Don’t You Forget About Me” among others. She also get extra props for having one of the best names for an audioblog.

Not new but Scissorkick is kicking major ass of late. On the design tip, he’s also added new icons to discern between different kinds of postings.

Last but not least,

1) Dick B., one of the SS massive, emailed me a song that he’s been trying to ID. It’s a jazz song he heard on Belgium radio (though the artists involved may not necessariyl even be European). He (and now I) was hoping someone might identify it.

Artist?: Mystery pracht jazz.

From ? (?, 19??)

Know it? Drop a comment.

2) We have another listener contribution, this time from John S. in NYC. Really excellent Ohio Players’ cut – I don’t spend nearly enough time listening to these guys.

Ohio Players: Pride and Vanity

From Pleasure (Westbound, 1972)