Major Stress: A Day In The Stuy
From 12″ (Norfside, 199?)

Last round. I brought out the Grade A Heat: Mysterme’s “Unsolved Mysterme”. CB unloaded with Major Stress and their “A Day In the Stuy”.

Noz writes: In between saving the then fledgling Fugees from getting dropped from their label and becoming the choice producer to turn a once Nasty Nas dope again, Saalam Remi started this oft overlooked indie label. This is the B-Side to the “More & More” 12″ and features Major Stress (who I guess is just one MC) doing his best ODB impression on the hook with an ill narrative of, you guessed it, just another day in the ‘stuy. Remi, who’s probably better known for flipping 16 bit Metroid beats and replaying UBB breaks, takes a surprisingly traditional approach here, to much sucess. Norfside released (i think) four other records, ranging from the competent (ras-t’s “ill nig”) to utter garbage (stay away from that Lyve-N-Direct, which is some r&b lite steez), all produced by Remi. Major Stress also recorded another joint, entitled “Smokin’ & Fuckin'”, which i haven’t heard. But “A Day In The Stuy” is probably the hottest of their output.

Big shout out to Andrew for being so game to do this the past week. Cocaine Blunts and Soul Sides need to re-collabo in the future with a new concept…like “Best DJ Premier Productions With the Weakest Lyrics” or “Peanuts and Corn: The Early Years” or, well, you get the idea.

Nick Catchdubs gets in on the fun too with a few selections of his own. But yo, Nick – “as a subgenre, that’s never really been my thing – partially because I was a little too young to appreciate it during its heyday.” Dude, it was the NINETIES. You’re making me feel really old when you say you were too young for shit dropping in 1996.