Incognitos Redux Back in Stock

It only took, um, a few years but I finally put Incognitos Redux, my rare rap CD, back in stock.

As an incentive, here’s one of the songs featured:

De La Soul: Double Huey Skit
From 12″, test pressings of “Say No Go” (Tommy Boy, 1988)

As I note in the liners for the mix-CD: “The “Baby Huey Skit” was introduced to me by Jeff “DJ Zen” Chang way back in the day. He knew I was a De La Soul fan and wanted to hep me to something that I didn’t know about yet – a song that was only available on test-pressings of “Say No Go” (as well as promo-CD copies of the same song as I was to discover later). As you can hear, the skit uses the theme from the “Muppets Show” which explains why it never made the official 12″: sample clearance deaded it. It’s a fun song, not the least of which is that it has Double D (of Steinski and Double D fame) and Mase rhyming on it. A must for any De La completionist.”

I haven’t had Incognitos available in a while and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it in permanent rotation so get your copies while you can.