Back in 1999, I created the first version of my Incognitos mixtape (back when mixtapes were actually on cassette). As with the newer digital version, the idea here was to focus on “gems that slipped through the cracks” – songs that, for whatever reason (poor airplay, limited distribution, sample clearance, etc., never really saw much light.

I had sent a box of tapes to a national distributor, based in the Bay Area, and years later, they sent me back all the unsold stock, which was around 150+ copies. They languished in my basement after that and it was only until my most recent move that I finally found the box again.

I’ve considered creating a “donate and support” button for Soul Sides for a while but I felt weird about asking for donations without offering something tangible in return. Obviously, people get something out of the site (otherwise, no one would ever visit) but again, I want to make sure that if you’re getting something back for your expense and support.

So here’s a chance: please consider buying one of these…think of them as the “thank you” gift for your one-time pledge. Obviously, a cassette tape – in 2011 – feels anachronistic to the point of being pseudo-hip. Heck, I don’t know how many of you even own working cassette decks anymore but for those who still have a walkman buried next to your NES gaming consoles and Trapper Keepers (or have a car with a deck), consider this a time travel moment back to another generation (don’t let that stop you from tweeting about the tape though!)

For anyone in the U.S., it’s $10 (postage included).
For anywhere else in the world, it’s $15 (postage included).

Here’s the tracklisting:1

    Side A: 
solemanne intro 
De La Soul: Baby Huey Skit 
Cypress Hill: How I Could Just Kill a Man (Blunted remix) 
Aceyalone: Mic Check (Labrats remix) 
triple-header interlude 
Pete Rock and CL Smooth: We Specialize 
Saukrates: Still Caught Up (remix) 
Grand Puba: Mind Your Business 
Too Short: In the Trunk (DJ Premier Glove Compartment remix) 
A Tribe Called Quest: Mr. Incognito 
out the front door interlude 
KMD: Black Bastards
    Show and AG: Under Pressure 
Masta Ace Inc.: Top Ten List 
tsunami interlude 
Souls of Mischief: Cabfare 
ill germs outro

    Side B: 
monk with the fonk intro 
Biggie, Pudgee, Lord Tariq: Think Big 
Red Hot Lover Tone: DIYM 
The Roots: Distortion to Static (Freestyle Mix) 
easter sunrise interlude 
Common Sense w/ Y Not: Can-I-Bust? 
Motion Man: ’93 Swing (remix) 
Positive K: Nightshift (remix) 
toffee bar interlude 
KRS One: Ah Yeah (Diamond D remix) 
Jemini: Story of My Life 
soopaman interlude 
Redman: Tonite’s the Night (remix) 
Erule: Listen Up 
DJ Shadow feat. Blackalicious: Count and Estimate 
it’s a hit outro

    90 Minutes of music, all mixed, no drops.

By all means, no one should feel obliged to donate. I didn’t create Soul Sides to get paid. But your support is welcome (especially in allowing me to buy new records to write about!) and as I have been, all these years, I’m deeply grateful for all the support (non-monetary and otherwise) the site’s fans have shown me.

For the rest of our mixtapes, visit here.

  1. Important! The tracklisting is different from Incognito Redux, which switched up about 30-40% of the songs.