Microphone Terrorists: No Food
From 12″ (Terrorist Entertainment, 1996)

On the fourth day, SS brought the Perverted Rym Throwwas out the closet with their “MCs Ain’t Saying Nothing”. CB came back with Microphone Terrorists’ “No Food,” last seen selling for over $60 (!!!) on eBay. Noz drops the science:That’s right! More gravely voiced faceless & unknown MCs over hot beats! Not a lot of info about this record, except that MCs C-

Lowdown and Born Majestic trade verses over a Butta Fingaz (talk about your cliched circa 1996 underground hip hop names!) beat. And it’s about the 30th time that someone flipped that Musical Youth hook. But, goddamn, the beat bangs.

Soul Sides listens, learns, replies:

I hate that 1) I don’t have this and 2) it’s going for over $50 (provided, those are eBay prices but it’s not likely that I’ll stumble on this one randomly in the Bay Area. Good stuff, good stuff.