It might be autumn here in America but it’s springtime for audioblogs. Everytime I turn around, more and more are springing up. Here’s a few that are glowing on Soul Sides’ radar:Jazz and Conversation. Nick Francis from just kicked this off, bringing his awesome knowledge of jazz to the forefront. Recent postings include a

gorgeous, subtle Duke Ellington track off of Money Jungle and a great female vocal song by Madeleine Peroux.

The Naughahyde Life. I have no idea what the hell naughahyde means (and I’m too lazy to look it up) but when you got someone nicknamed Thebeathunters behind the posts, you know you’re in for treats. Here’s a blogger after my own musical heart: funk, soul, jazz and an emerging set of electronic offerings that I think will really help distinguish the site. They recently put up some Nancy Holloway songs that are hot like fyre and some ace Bill Conti soundtrack compositions for An Unmarried Woman.
Benn luxo du tácco. Ok, I don’t know what that means either but I do understand that it’s a blog out of West Africa, as is much of the music he’s highlighting. He just finished with Mali and is moving towards Senegal. Follow him.

New on the watch list: whenmadwastallandphatwascold: obscure NY and Chicago hip-hop.

I have to be honest – god bless Cocaine Blunts and others, but for some reason, I’ve been more wary about posting up my hip-hop butters. Thankfully, the upcoming “Soul Blunts” battle (act like you knew) has been an incentive for me to be a little less tight-fisted about it. Stay tuned.