Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly: C.C. Rider
From S.C.R.A. (M7, 1971)

Afrique: Kissing My Love
From Soul Makossa (Mainstream, 1973)

Bill Black’s Combo: Tequila
From Rock N’ Roll Forever (Mega, 1973)

Ken Boothe: Down By the River
From Everything I Own (Wildflower, 1974)

Monty Alexander: Love and Happiness
From Rass (MPS, 1974)

For a limited time only, I decided to recap the five songs I sent over to Tofu Hut. I won’t bother to list all the biographical info since I already did it over at TH (start reading here for the full postings, plus John’s replies).


Charles May and Annette May Thomas: I’ll Keep My Baby Warm
From 7″ (Gospel Truth, 1973)

?: No One But the Lord
From LP (197?)

We admit: Soul Sides is not that up on our gospel but we managed to dig out two favorites that have long been in rotation ’round here. The first comes from Los Angeles’ Charles May and Annette May Thomas who recorded for the Stax-subsidary label, Gospel Truth. I can’t say enough about “Keep My Baby Warm,” which is just so damn soulful that it’s easy to forget that the allegory here might well be that “baby = Jesus” (at least that’s how I read it). You don’t really need to know that context though – like many gospel songs of the ’70s, it works in both secular and religious contexts.

Sorry for the secrecy but the second song, “No One But the Lord,” needs to remain in incognito status, at least for now (there’s enough heads out there who already know about this Bay Area gospel album in any case). Again, this is so funky that if not for the obvious Christian-inspired hook, this could pass for just a solid soul song. In fact, just change “the Lord” to “my man” and you can see what I mean.