Scott Lark: The Movie
From 12″ (Contract, 1996).

Day tres and Cocaine Blunts and I are still slugging it out. I hit CB with the ha ha and the hee hee in the form of Chicago’s Mental Giants and the slept-on “AK’s Groove.” CB’s coming with Scott Lark, representing one time for all the heads in NJ:You knew I had to represent for Trenton. Scott himself has an bizarre style that sounds a little like he’s constantly blowing his nose. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but I kinda feel it. It’s producer Tony D (who gained fame with late 80s productions by the likes of Poor Righteous Teachers and YZ) who steals the show with his infectious (proto Kanye? post RZA?) vocal loop and smooth as fuck bass line. Check out Scott’s Razzle Dazzle EP, for this joint and more of the same.

The SS reply:

Wasn’t Scott Lark like the only artist on Contract besides Wise Intelligent? What I remember most about him, besides his full artist name (Scott Lark Da Sensei) was dude’s voice. Really distinctive and nasal, kind of like Mos Def’s but taken to the nth degree. I just couldn’t have seen Lark ever breaking into the mainstream but then again, I hate Eminem’s voice and look how well he’s done.