Kaotic Style: Represent
From 12″ (Beat Scott, 1994)

Opening round was definitely cool. For the second day, I went to LA and brought back a sack of “Mescaline” from the Ill Brothers Project. Cocaine Blunts did it up NYC style with Kaotic Style and “Represent.” Noz sez:This is from the (debut) “Diamond In Da Ruff” EP released by later Nervous/Wreck signee Kaotic Style. This has always been one of those mystery records in my collection. For the longest time I thought “A Diamond In Da Ruff” was the artist and not the title, but I obviously got it twisted. Every track on this record features some ridiculous DITC style production, such as super heavy bass line on this, the standout banger. Kaotic spits almost MOP style angry mic swallowing lyrics and is augmented by a scratched in Jeru hook. A web search didn’t turn anything up on this dude, except the following bizarre approval courtesy of Heltah Skeltah’s Ruck – “all fat people shouldn’t rhyme except Kaotic Style”.

The SS reply:

What’s up with Ruck dissing fat rappers? Big Pun and Biggie’s ghosts should haunt dude like The Grudge. Cool track – didn’t remind me of MOP as much as Naughty By Nature – you can tell this was from 1994…cats aren’t trying to sound like Mobb Deep or Nas yet. And the hook? That shit is so early/mid-90s. They might as well be yelling “Catching Wreck!”