Volume 10: Pistol Grip Pump (Baka Boyz Mix) & (UK Jazz Mix)
From 12″ (Immortal, 1994)

Before Xzibit hit the scene, I always thought Volume 10 did the best job of straddling the line between LA’s gangsta roots and its emergent next school styles. Dude could rhyme but rhyme hard, befitting of his name which conjures images of shaken woofers and blown ear drums. “Pistol Grip Pump” is just such a monstrously dope cut – the original is still unfadeable, especially with its thick “Atomic Dog” basslines but being the remix freak I am, I pulled out this red vinyl promo 12″ with the remixes on the flipside.

The Baka Boyz mix sounds straight out of DJ Muggs’ playbook which is fine by me: that screeching funk works well with the tenor of the song anyways though I keep waiting for B. Real to deliver a cameo which never happens. The UK Jazz mix is much stranger – it made sense when CJ Macintosh was remixing De La singles but this seems like a less likely fit. The remix actually works and even if smooth vibe melodies isn’t what Volume 10 usually inspires thoughts of, his ability to ride the beat with alacrity (Project Blowed/Good Life, what?) is a pleasure to hear in action. Pump! Pump! Blowe!