I had a great time last night. The Boogaloo Assassins killed it, as usual, and impressed the hell out of the folks from Fania who had heard ’em but never seen them perform in action. I am insanely jealous of anyone in the NYC area who gets to see the band fly out to the birthplace of boogaloo and perform for the first time in their history. That’s coming up on February 24 – do not sleep!

I was also very blessed to have finally met, in person, Bobby Marin after several years of picking his brain for all things boogaloo-related. It is incredible how many different projects he worked on in the ’60s and ’70s. I had no idea he helped get the Ghetto Brothers onto Mary Lou to record their album.


My nearly two-year old weekly in Echo Park, ¡Boogaloo!, is going from a weekly to a monthly (every Third Thursday) and while part of me is glad to leave the grind of having a weekly party, it would be nice to have one more monthly or at least, a cool spot where I can spin soul sides on an occasional one-off basis.

If any of my L.A. readers have suggestions of where to look, I’m all ears. The last time I put a query like this out, it actually helped net my weekly gig so I’m always appreciative of the reach of my readers!


If you’re in Los Angeles this week and have a free Wednesday open, come through to the Verdugo Bar and listen to my hour-long Aretha tribute set.[1] It’s been a real pleasure revisiting Aretha to pick out songs for the set – I’ll have some obvious crowd-pleasers in there but I also wanted to highlight some lesser known songs by her, including a few choice selections from her recent Rare and Unreleased compilation plus a couple of selections from her Columbia years output.

The latter, as my longtime readers should know, is one of my favorite “underrated catalogs” to turn to time and time again.[2] I’m not claiming Aretha’s early years trumps her Atlantic reign – nothing can. But there is so much great singing to be enjoyed in those years that it seems myopic to ignore them simply because Jerry Wexler wasn’t producing her then. Here’s two songs that did NOT make the tribute mix, just to give you an idea that her catalog is so strong I can afford to leave great stuff like this out.

Aretha Franklin: Runnin’ Out of Fools b/w
Cry Like a Baby
From The Queen In Waiting (Columbia, 2002)

For my sample-hounds, I feel like someone’s used “Cry Like a Baby” but can’t remember who. Any help?

[1] By the way, DJ Phatrick of Devil’s Pie is returning the favor the next night by coming out and spinning with me at Boogaloo! Catch us both nights and I promise you a copy of the Aretha mix once we get copies made. Just remember one song from my Aretha set and any song I play at the Shortstop this week as “proof.”

[2] Can I just add that I cannot believe I wrote that review seven years ago. Damn, I feel old.


First of all, Soul Sides is celebrating its 5th anniversary party in Los Angeles at the Shortstop next Thursday (May 14th). I’ll be spinning solo, trying to mix in as many “Soul Sides classics” (presuming such a thing exists) as possible. I would love to see my Southland posse roll out in full force.

That night, I’m also debuting the 5th Anniversary Special CD, which will include as many of the 20 “5 Year Rewind” songs as I can fit. Free to anyone who comes up and asks for one (while supplies last, of course). I’ll also try to tape the entire 4 hour set and I’ll make that available (via an email list) to anyone who rolls through.

For the rest of you not living in LA (or who actually have to work on Friday mornings), I decided to try a little experiment. Rather than sell these, I prefer to barter them – for goods or services. People can offer what they want; it obviously doesn’t have to be expensive but ideally, it’s something connected to you – your interests, your career, your hobbies, etc. To me, this is just an interesting way to learn more about the people who read the site.

(This said, I’ll be completely self-serving right now and say that I”m definitely down to barter one of these to anyone who can help me get some discount tickets to Disneyland. The Great Mouse is sticking me for my papers!)

Mull it over – this could turn out to be a complete failure of an idea but I’m hoping there’s folks out there who’d be game to swap something of theirs for something of mine. Drop your barter offer to here.

And hey, just so you don’t leave empty-handed right now, here’s a cover of Dennis Coffey’s “Scorpio” I recently came across, from some random exploitation LP. Overall, it’s not better than Coffey’s but the percussion breakdown in the middle is pretty massive.

The Sound Effects: Scorpio
From Summer ’72 (QMO, 1972)


Update 3/20: I have a few guest list spots open – email me and I’ll confirm with folks by tomorrow morning.

People keep asking me, “when are you going to DJ in New York City?”

You can stop asking. It’ll be this Saturday night, with DJs Mao and Muro, at APT.

The theme – properly enough – is all covers. Mao and Muro collaborated on the excellent Run For Cover II mix-CD and I’ve been touting Deep Covers 2 myself. It’ll be the West Coast/East Coast/US/Japan team-up for all things cover song related.

(BTW, I’m out there for a week or so, if anyone’s got a radio show or what have you, I’d love to do a cameo. Holler.)