True stories: after the Boogala[LA] gig ended last Thursday, I hit up Burrito King (Sunset/Alvarado) down the block and got to witness the meeting of two Chads – who had never met until one of them loaned the other a quarter – and how they ended up comparing their evenings.

Some highlights:

Chad 2: “Where’d you come from? The Short Stop? I had a three-way kiss there once.”
Chad 1: “No way. Were they hot?”
Chad 2: “One was banging. The other was “part of the package.'”

Chad 2: “I’m here with this girl I picked up last week. But there’s one problem.”
Chad 1: “What?”
Chad 2: “Guess.”
Chad 1: “She’s a…lesbian?”
Chad 2: “That wouldn’t be a problem.” (both laugh). Naw man, she’s…Christian.”

Chad 2: “Go ahead, check her out.”
Chad 1 steps away from the counter, takes a look at Chad 2’s girl in the car. Returns.
Chad 1: “Yeah man, she’s pretty hot. You can check out my girl – she’s sitting in the car too, next to yours, but she’s not as hot.”

Amazingly, I don’t ever recall hearing the term “bro” used this entire time. Probably some “dudes” in there though.