Charles Bradley: Heart of Gold (snippet)
From 7″ and digital download (Dunham, 2011)

I’m feeling ever-so-foolish since literally hours after posting that last post, I came home and found a lil care package from Daptone on my doorstep, inside of which included the new Charles Bradley 7″ which features an A-side not on the LP: Bradley’s cover of Neil Young’s huge hit “Heart of Gold.” I like.

Same package also included this:

Bob & Gene: It’s Not What You Know (It’s Who You Know)
From 7″ (Eversoul, 2011)

Really feeling this track from the Bob & Gene vaults – an interesting civil rights-themed 7″ about nepotism with a solid crossover groove. Don’t see this listed on Daptone’s site yet so I’m assuming it must be forthcoming.