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(Pantaleón) Perez Prado: Imperfect (UniFunk, 1973, Love Child

Following up on yesterday’s post, this is another one from the “lesser” Prado brother who cut a few funky LPs for Italy’s UniFunk back in the early ’70s.1

Circle” is the best known track off this album but I dig “Imperfect” for all that synth action (ARP Odyssey maybe?)

365 Days of Soul, #132

  1. Pro-tip but while the original UniFunk LPs can be pricey, both were reissued on other LPs by different titles. It gets confusing for that very reason but the cheapest version of Escandalo is called Now and I think the cheapest version of Love Child is entitled Tequila. Personally, for the sake of consolidation, I prefer the French double LP that some called Love Child – Brazil – Tequila – Peanuts Vendor since it combines both albums.