Naomi Shelton feat. Cliff Driver: Wind Your Clock (snippet)

From 7″ single (Daptone, 2009)

Nice, nice, nice: Daptone has resurrected an old single from the days of Desco – the most influential retro-funk label of the 1990s. Right towards the end of the label, before its founders parted ways to form Soul Fire and Daptone Records, respectively, Desco cut a pair of songs featuring Naomi Shelton and Cliff Driver, including “Wind Your Clock,” an absolute mid-tempo stomper. However, they were only able to press up a few white label copies before the label folded and the song purely existed as an uber-rare collector’s item. 10 years later and Daptone are finally putting it out (backed with “Talkin’ About a Good Thing”).

This song is superb, easily one of the best things I’ve heard from any of the three labels mentioned. Hopefully, for non-vinylites (and really, what’s your excuse for not having a basic turntable?), they’ll have this out in a digital format soon enough. In the meantime, if you rock records, you need this. Seriously.