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Perez Prado: Que Es Lo Que Pasa? (UniFunk, 1972, Escandalo)

First off, this isn’t the more famous Dámaso Pérez Prado, this is his name-biting, younger brother, Pantaleón Pérez Prado. But while Prado the Lesser might have tried to surf off his sib’s fame at least he dropped some killer funky Latin tracks under that family name in the 1970s.1

The bulk of Pantaleón’s output occurred on two albums you recorded for the Italian label UniFunk and if you like one, you might as well try to cop the other. “Que Es Lo Que Pasa? (What’s Going On?)” sounds like a cover but…I’m not sure of what.

365 Days of Soul, #131

  1. And to be clear, so did Dámaso.