Damn, I’m wack. I have a backlog of three months of of Shades of Soul radio shows I haven’t put on the site, how the %()!# did I let things get so bad?

Ok, let’s run this back, oldest to (near) newest.1

Episode 2.3 (March 2014): The Shades of Latin Show

Shades of Soul EP 2.3: Shades of Latin by Oliver Wang on Mixcloud

This was a worthy excuse to dip into my Latin collection for a change; I feel like they’ve been kind of lonely of late since I’ve been so soul focused but let no one get it twisted: still love my Latin jams. I opted to go with a wide spread of selections, spanning cumbia, salsa, Latin soul, Brazilian, etc.

Episode 2.4: The SS@10 Show
Already posted here.

Episode 2.5: Return of the Kitchen Sink

Shades of Soul, EP 2.5: Return of the Kitchen Sink by Oliver Wang on Mixcloud

Super-random (that’s the point!) including all sorts of private press songs, a couple of secret squirrel joints, some breaks, and a Mel Blanc bank 7″. It’s all about that second song, “I’m Ready to Get Down.” Oh my my my. (Shout out to Thes One for that one).

Episode 2.6: 3 Ft. High Friday

Shades of Soul, EP 2.6: 3 Ft. High Friday by Oliver Wang on Mixcloud

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the most important album I ever listened to (3 Ft. High and Rising), this show is dedicated to both rare remixes from the album as well as the original sample sources. Viva De La Soul!

Episode 2.7: Surviving the Rap Purge

Shades of Soul, EP 2.7: Surviving the Rap Purge by Oliver Wang on Mixcloud

A full hip-hop show for a change (taking it back to ’98 y’all!) by playing songs that have survived the purging of my hip-hop collection. This isn’t necessarily the best of what I kept but rather, it’s a selection of the random joints that, for whatever reason, speak to me enough to earn a spot in the library.

  1. I’m putting my most recent show into its own post for reasons that will become clear once you see it.