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Dyna Souls: Do You Want To Know a Secret
I Will
From Pinoy Beatles (Zodiac, 197?)

I love the Beatles, I’m interested in American pop music made by Asian/Asian American artists…how am I not going to cop this when I see it at the Record Jungle?

This came out of Manila in what I can only guess would be the early 1970s. Assuming the band stuck the same assignments as the original Beatles, then Vick Generoso would have been John, Tony Generoso was Paul, Walter Pennington was Ringo, and Buoy Catuncan was George (though Buoy doesn’t sing on the album; guess they couldn’t fit “Taxman” on here).

I wasn’t crazy about the song selection on the album if only because, selfishly, they weren’t the songs I’d want to hear but I did find a couple of the slower ballads to my liking, especially “I Will” and the group’s own youthful spirit works well with them tangling with “Do You Want to Know a Secret?”