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Gary Gassell and Pam Tims: School’s Out – Let’s Shout
Let’s Count
Ba Ba Ba “B”
From School Days (Melody House, 197?)

Let’s just get this out of the way…this is not one of “those” Melody House LPs, i.e. chock full of funky breaks and loops. That said, I almost never pass up a MH title simply because their approach to kids’ music was so deeply informed by pop conventions in a way that seems “very ’70s” and as a ’70s baby myself, I feel a kinship of sorts. You hear especially on the “B” song which has a real Happy Days vibe, i.e. a ’70s nostalgic interpretation of ’50s rock n’ roll.

And besides, as an educator and parent of a elementary school child, I can relate to “Schools’ Out – Let’s Shout”, believe that!