This was long overdue but in thinking about my history with KALX FM in Berkeley (following Matthew Africa’s passing), I wanted to go back and pull out some old show tapes and digitize them. Here’s one from 2000 which was pretty indicative of the kind of music I was really into back then (funky jazz out the wazoo!) plus a few hip-hop cuts from the era you might have forgotten about by now.

Tracklist below. The full 2+ hours here.

The Ozone on 90.7 FM, KALX. July 5, 2000

    Mike Longo: Angel of Love
    Johnny Jenkins: I Walk on Guilded Splinters
    Too Def: I Am Who I Am
    Bizzie Boys: Droppin It
    De La Soul: Ooooh!
    Allen Toussaint: Louie
    Lee Dorsey: Four Corners
    Eddie Bo: Friend and a Lover
    Cannonball Adderley: Capricorn
    Junikor Mance: Spinning Wheel
    Peggy Lee: same
    Wade Marcus: same
    Bruce Kelly’s New Oregon Singers: same
    Howard Roberts: same
    Joey Chavez: Worldwide II
    Big Dro: Spank
    J. Sands: Won’t Stop
    John Dankworth: Return From the Ashes
    Michal Urbaniak: Ekim
    Fela Kuti: Fight to Finish
    Public Enemy: Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos
    The Aquarians: Jungle Fever
    BW Souls: Marvin’s Groove
    Frank Lucas: Good Time Man
    Betty Everett: I’m a Woman
    The Brothers Two: You Got It
    Calypso King and the Soul: Damper Down Popcorn
    Black Madness: Wild Brooklyn Bandits
    Main Source: The Atom
    Jurassic 5: Quality Control
    Elaine Brown: Child in the World
    Jimmy McGriff: Tiki
    Mangum: It’s the Music That Makes Us Do It
    Annette Peacock: Survival
    Cold Blood: When I’m Kissing My Love
    George Shearing: Slippin Into Darkness
    Alan Moorhouse: West Coastin
    Erule: The Real Me
    Big L: On the Mic