Little Carl Carlton: 46 Drums – 1 Guitar
From 7″ (Back Beat, 1968)

This is a 7″ I’ve had in the back of my crates for a while and I finally pulled it out. On the one hand, I like its funky soul feel but what’s always bothered me is that there’s supposed to be “46 drums” on here and I barely hear one set. Seriously, wtf did the drums go?

I feel like this is one of those songs just waiting to get remixed with a better drums. Not only would it play off the title better but the current arrangement is sparse enough where I imagine you can lace drums underneath and have them fit in naturally.

Above link is the standard 128 but for the aspiring remixers out there, here’s the track in lossless. Email me your creations and I’ll assemble a follow-up post in future weeks from the best efforts.