Black Moon: I Gotcha Opin
From Enta Da Stage(Nervous, 1993)

I Got Cha Opin remix
Buck ‘Em Down remix
Both from respective 12″s (Nervous/Wreck, 1994)

This is a resurrection from a 2004 post and was mostly inspired by re-listening to Funkmaster Flex’s now famous July 4, 2007 “I’m in the 90s!” set on Hot 97 where he just goes IN on the LP version of “I Got Cha Opin.”

The original question I posed was this: this may be one of the most difficult debates ever to exist in hip-hop. More than Nas vs. Jay-Z. More than Bad Boy vs. Death Row. More than J.J. Fad vs. Salt N’ Pepa.

Which Black Moon remix is better, “I Got Cha Opin” or “Buck ‘Em Down”?

How can you choose between Barry White’s “Playing Your Game” and Donald Byrd’s “Wind Parade,” both beautifully reworked by the Beatminerz? Seriously ya’ll, this is like Bush/Gore ’00 all over again, it just too close to call and will have to be taken to the Supreme Court of Public Opinion.

But wait; in the 2012 revisit, we also have to ask…what’s better?

The LP version of “I Got Cha Opin” or the remix version? The former is pure black-out-the-city awesomeness but the latter was ethereal.

My personal opinion, after the jump…If I had to pick a best out of these three…I’d probably still go with the “Buck ‘Em Down” remix. It’s so well-crafted and such a clear step up for Da Beatminerz coming off the album. You can literally hear them coming into their own as the production crew was about to enter their most fertile era. But in terms of the rawest track? The original “I Got Cha Opin,” no question. In my fantasy movie score, this song would be used to open a film in the baddest way possible.