Y’all know Dust and Grooves, right? AKA the most beautifullest photography/interview blog dedicated to vinyl junkies.

Seriously, I’ve always thought of record collecting as something only intrinsically interesting to other record collectors (speaking as one) but D&G has done a marvelous job of really getting at the aesthetic beauty of not just records, but the spaces dedicated to them. I mean, if we can big up book store design and mock modernist architecture, surely there’s a space in between there to fiends like us.

D&G has a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a honest-to-god photo book (remember those? It’s printed on this medium called paper that’s tangible. They’re over halfway towards the goal but need that final push to put ’em over the top.

Wouldn’t you want a full glossy book with this pic? (I’m not joking, it’s a frickin’ amazing visual):

D&G is coming west this summer; would love to have Elian come through for a podcast. Hint hint.