Andrew Nosnitzky (aka Noz) has been blogging since the primordial days of the craft. His Cocaine Blunts site is one of the interweb’s most respected sources for rap obscurity and despite assumptions otherwise, it’s not driven by hype-of-the-moment like so many other hip-hop-oriented blogs trying to get their adshare numbers up (not knocking the hustle, just saying though).

Noz was actually one of the first people I interviewed for The Sidebar but I decided to hit reset on that OG convo and instead, try out an idea: an audiobiography, i.e. a discussion of music filtered through Noz’s life. I’ll be straight up: it’s wasn’t completely successful and I’m taking responsibility for that in not staying on focus but rather, letting the conversation turn in its own, organic directions. As a result, though we do begin by talking about some of the formative tunes in Noz’s life, we more or less end up ruminating on all other kinds of topics, especially around the role of the interweb echo chamber in churning interest around specific artists and their narratives (hello Odd Future!).

The Sidebar #11: Noz of Cocaine Blunts

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