I’m way way way overdue to create a new mixtape. I have three that have been “in planning” (which is to say…I’ve been thinking about them) and wanted to see what my readers would prefer since I’m open on which one I do first.

1) Rooster Sauce: Soul, Funk and Psych from the Asian Diaspora

This would feature a variety of songs from different Asian/Asian American groups playing the aforementioned genres. It’s been a fun concept mix to collect records for, perhaps for obvious self-identity reasons.

2) The Spirit Moves You: Soul Sides Goes Gospel

Fairly self-explanatory: a gospel-inspired mix, based around the “Holy Ghost Posts” I’ve been putting up over the last year or so. Not gospel funk driven (though there might be a few in there) but definitely suffused in soul.

3) Adventures in Groove

Basically, it’d be the next in a line of party-focused mixes ala “Adventures in Rhythm” and “A Groove Thing.” Multi-genre.

4) El Loco: Soul Sides Goes Latin

Same concept but all Latin. This is definitely long overdue too!

Post your pref below, thanks.