Back in January 2010, I posted a few songs from Harrington (WA)’s Emerson brothers – this family group whose private press album was a lovely, surprising mix of folk, soul, psych and funk. As it turns out, two years before their album, the Emersons released a 7″ with songs that never made the LP. 1

Don, Joe & Eldon: Take It
From 7″ (Enterprise & Co., 1977)

“Take It,” the better (IMO) of the two sides is more on the folksy tip as Donnie and Joe are joined by a third relative(?) Eldon for the side. It still has all the magic of the LP songs with its lo-fi but earnest charm and the group’s strong gift for musical hooks.

And just for some flashback love, here’s my favorite song off the Emerson LP.

Donnie and Joe Emerson: Baby
From Dreamin’ Wild (Enterprise and Co., 1979)

Seriously, JDF should holler at my peoples at Light in the Attic and hook up the reissue!

  1. JDF, who runs these two blogs, was, I think(?) the dude to turn up quantity on both and I’ve been fortunate enough to get copies of each from him over the last couple of years (shout out to Waxidermy and Soulstrut too).