Perez Prado: Sexomania
Black Magnolia
From El Fabuloso (Orfeon/Dimsa, 1976)

Probably should have included this along with my last Prado-related post given that both albums explore the artist’s ’70s stylings. El Fabuloso seems in line with a lot of those titles – nothing mindblowing but all…intriguing in their own way.

“Sexomania” is a funky, uptempo mambo with some good screams and breaks thrown in but personally, I’m all about “Black Magnolia.” It sounds as if Prado was listening to a lot of Jr. Walker and decided to try his hand at a song in the vein of “Cleo’s Mood” or “Cleo’s Back.” Rrrrrraaahh!

Update: At the speed of social media…Nysceworkk hit us back with a beat he made from “Black Magnolia.” Like that, boom! Nice work, indeed.