Barbara Lynn: I’m a Good Woman (snippet)
From 7″ (Cultures of Soul, 2011)

The Fabulous Fugitives and Their Review: What the World Needs (snippet)
From 7″ (Cultures of Soul, 2011)

Cultures of Soul is a relatively new label (both reissues and new releases) put together by DJ Jeff Swallom aka Deano Sounds. The label is part of a mini-content empire that includes a sales site for original vinyl plus interviews with different soul/funk personalities.

Anyways, they’ve been kind enough to offer up a 7″ giveaway for a few of their recent titles, including both of the songs you can hear above. The Barbara Lynn is an ageless femme funk classic but the Fabulous Fugitives is revelation to me, a crazy obscure Memphis 7″ from 1973. In addition, you’ll also get copies of the Original Black Sheep of the Family reissue and the newly recorded Jordan Valentine and Sunday Saints release.