Eddie Robinson: God’s Love Song
Absolutely Beautiful
From You In My Life (Ren Unlimited, 197?)

It’s not all about the funk. This Eddie Robinson LP is a stunningly smooth, mellow and soulful gospel album, filled with electric piano and Robinson’s own dulcet croons (oh yeah baby, let’s get down and…pray). And then there’s this very simple edit I put together:

The Art Reynolds Singers: Down Here Lord/How Did It Feel?
From Tellin’ It LIke It Is (Capitol, 1966)

This album – a hit on the gospel circuit in its day – is best known for “Jesus Is Just Alright” but the two songs that drew my attention were the slower, dramatic “Down Here Lord” and the more upbeat, uptempo “How Did It Feel?” both of which benefitted from that strong choral presence. However, something about the arrangement in both songs sound so much alike that I figured I’d just combine them into one and the end result, in my humble opinion, works quite well.

On a similar tip is this tune:

Sterling Glass and the Metropolitan Singers: Thank You Lord
From Jesus Never Fail (Glori, 1973)

Straight out of Waterbury, CT, Glass and the Metropolitan Singers offer up a beautifully arranged and executed song here. That pianist is straight killing it (uh, in a spiritual way). Interestingly, this album got reissued in the mid-80s on Nashboro; I wonder if it was a decent seller in its time.


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