The Jackson Southernaires: On My Way Home
Until I Die
From Too Late (Songbird, 1964?)

I was initially turned onto this from Jesse’s incredible gospel soul post and thankfully, this album is probably the easiest one to track down of all that he shared. The Jackson Southernaires debut album for the Duke/Peacock gospel subsidiary Songbird was a huge hit for the group and it’s not difficult to track down copies of the LP for well under $20. (Strangely, for such a hit, it doesn’t seem to be on CD).

Jesse had included “On My Way Home” and I couldn’t help but do the same: a really moving, deep soul feel with some gorgeous harmonizing between the group members. Likewise, on the “gospel remakes of R&B songs,” “Until I Die” definitely seems to borrow from Sam Cooke’s “Change Gonna Come” though it’s more subtle than being a straight cover.




  1. Fantastic! And many thanks for the link to Soul Persuasion! Just enjoying the gospel mix now. Originally hailing from Canada and living in the UK, gospel records of interest are few and far between (make that pretty much non-existent). That being said, I did turn up an incredible lp from Portland that somehow made it all the way to a secondhand vinyl store in Ottawa a couple of years back. I’ll send you an mp3 when I get a sec to upload it.

  2. Thanks for this!  I can’t stop listening.  Great example on the guitar of true vibrato, the Magnatone kind.  Ok- back to listening.

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