It’s my birthday today (that’s right, me, Sean Penn and De Niro, motherpluckers). Since I’ve already given myself a birthday gift, I wanted to share one with all of you.

Before me and Wil’s weekly party at the Short Stop ended, we had planned on making a mix-CD together, dedicated to all slow jams. Alas, we never managed to put that together before the night ended but I still have my half of it. The zip file has 10 songs individually saved but the whole thing goes together in a mix.

Boogaloo 2: The Slow Jams
1. Robin Thicke: Ms. Harmony
2. Isley Brothers: Footsteps In the Dark
3. Lee Fields: Honey Dove (2002 version)
4. Bill Withers: Moanin’ and Groanin’
5. Bobby Caldwell: What You Won’t Do
6. Joe Bataan: I Wish You Love Pt. 1
7. Wendy Rene: After the Laughter
8. Aaron Neville: She Took You For a Ride
9. Bob and Gene: You Made My Life a Sunny Day
10. The Impossibles: Easy To Be Hard

Hope you all enjoy and thanks as always for supporting Soul Sides.



11 thoughts on “HAPPY SLOW JAMS TO YOU”

  1. First of all, happy birthday. Secondly, are you at the Short Stop every week now? How didn’t I know this? Are you doing Sunday nights?

  2. Ay yo Oliver happy birthday and for the record I love Joe Bataan’s version of “I Wish You Love”

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