I can’t prove that Biggie borrowed his famous line from Neville but you gotta admit, it’s a helluva coincidence.



2 thoughts on “NEW MATH”

  1. Not coincedence, it’s culture.  Thats why Biggie and other artists are so memorable.  We assimilate what we hear our family says.  I’ve heard older uncles and grandparents use that phrase and many many more.

  2. I would make the assumption that at some point Aaron Neville was played in the Wallace household and this particular line was heard and came to the front as he was making his lines. Did he remember where.. doubtful. 
    You have to remember the Neville’s in general and Aaron especially had far-reaching influence and more so with those households with Caribbean influence because of the similarity in sound to traditional music. I bet if Mrs. Wallace is asked.. she will listen A. Neville among her faves.

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