Sorry for the slow down in postings the last two weeks. Besides an increase in my freelance work, Charles Hughes’ excellent Muscle Shoals series was a hard act to follow and I think, mentally, I was just less inclined to try to post much in its immediate wake. I’ll probably be back to a 2-3 post a week average now.

I would like to say though: I’d love to get more people contributing to the site in the way that Charles stepped up. You don’t have to be an “expert” per se (though knowledge = good) but have a basic passion to write about an artist or an album is always the most important thing to have. I’m definitely open to suggestions and it’d be nice to help open up Soul Sides to more people who’d like to add their own voices here. You can hit me with your pitches here but if I don’t get back to you right away, it’s probably because I’m busy with too much else at the moment.

Speaking of which: thanks to everyone who responded to my post about needing both a transcriber and web designer. I couldn’t get back to everyone but I’ll keep people’s emails on file in case the need turns back up.