The folks behind the incredible Timeless series of concerts last year – Mulatu Astatke, Arthur Verocai, Suite for Ma Dukes – were generous enough to provide us with a copy of their new 3-DVD boxset of the shows to give away. Each includes footage (and more) from each show and I’e watched through these and believe me – they’re awesome, especially the Verocai disc.

To qualify for the giveaway, you have to correctly answer the following questions and then email in your answers. Winner will be selected at random by those with the correct answers.

1) What year did Arthur Verocai’s first album come out? 1972

2) Who was the first hip-hop artist to sample a Verocai song off that album? Little Brother.
This is the one everyone got wrong; people kept saying MF Doom but according to B+ (who in helping sponsor this contest), it was LB.

3) What J-Dilla-produced song is most associated with the word “vibrations.” De La Soul’s “Stakes Is High.”

4) What J-Dilla produced song from the mid-90s makes prominent use of a Brazilian guitar melody? Pharcyde’s “Runnin'”

5) What airline sponsored Mulatu Asktatke’s best known album (for Westerners at least)? Ethiopian Airlines

6) Which former SUNY graduate was one of the first rappers to rhyme over a Mulatu-sampled beat? J-Live, on “Longevity”

(When you send in your questions, please put “Timeless giveaway” in the subject line, thanks!)

Contest is CLOSED. Congrats to A. Zaidi who had 5/6 correct (no one scored a perfect 6).