The blog, Themes for Young Lovers, recently interviewed me about my songs o’ love, sex and romance. Yeah, it’s true, I had absolutely no music at my own wedding. Like Will Hung, I have no regrets.

As I noted, when asked “Name 3 songs that would be no-brainers to put on a mixtape for that special someone you were trying to woo”…I included nary a soul/R&B song on there. I think part of it is that my favorite soul songs tend to be about breaking up, not making up but taking a quick spin through my library, there are some soul tunes that would easily go onto my “Woo You” mixtape:

The Impressions: Fool For You
From This Is My Country (Curtom, 1968)

First of all, I wouldn’t trust any potential lover who doesn’t like this song. Deal breaker. Second, it’s a powerful song that doesn’t necessarily rain down with “too much/too soon” overtures (the danger of a more powerful ballad). This says “I’m crushed on you but I’m not trying to have our name tattooed in blood on me. Yet.”

Shuggie Otis: Inspiration Information
From Information Inspiration (Epic, 1974)

Just tell him/her, “looking at you makes me feel the same way I do when I listen to this song.” Shameless but highly effective.

Aretha Franklin: You Send Me
From Aretha Now (Atlantic, 1968)

It’s a groovier flip on Sam Cooke’s classic and it’s fun enough without laying it on too thick.

Dennis Brown: Things In Life
From 7″ (Sound Syndicate, 197?). Also on Money In My Pocket.

Because lovers rock never fails. Because the melancholy in this song is deep enough to bond anyone within earshot. Because if your intended recognizes it as “that song from Chungking Express, that’s enough to confirm their exquisite cinematic taste.

Michael Jackson: We’ve Got a Good Thing Going
From The Stripped Mixes (Universal, 2009)

Early MJ is charmingly innocent with just the right touch of grown-up sentiment. And the stripped mix is so irresistibly on point.

So much more I could throw on. Feel free to add your favorite “woo tunes” in the comments.



21 thoughts on “LOVE MODE”

  1. Cosign on “Soul Serenade”. “Let’s Do It Again” = a bit spicy for a woo tape! “Again” suggest you’ve already done it!

  2. The Free Design – I Found Love
    Sun – When You Put Your Hand In Mine
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Let’s Get Busy Baby

    Thanks again O.W!


  3. one that became a “woo” favorite for me and “that certain someone” is the siik remix of amerie’s ‘one thing’ from a few years ago. i know you featured that one here, OW, a while back…

  4. Zhane – “Crush”
    Lizz Wright – “Eternity”
    The Isley Brothers – “Don’t Say Goodnight”

  5. Leroy Hutson: When You Smile [Curtom, 1973]
    Maxwell: Sumthin’ Sumthin’: Mellowsmoothe (cut) [Columbia, 1997]
    Freur: Doot Doot [CBS, 1983]

  6. Dwele – “Weekend Love”

    Bobby Humphrey – “What you won’t do for love”

    Leroy Hutson – “It’s Different”

  7. No comprende, a Woo tape without Al Green??? Well, I would go for “Could I be falling in love with you” from Syl Johnson (as mentioned above) and Geater Davis’s “Sweet woman love”.

    “Give me you love” by Curtis Mayfield would be there too, although it’s less original than “Fool for you”. “Guess who loves you” by the Intruders is quite something too if you overlook the line that says “I know where you leave, because I followed you home”.

  8. No Al Green anyone? Or is it because it’s too easy?

    Here are some favorites, although like Oliver says they don’t come as easily as break up songs:

    – Curtis Mayfield “Give me your love” (“Fool for you” is great though, tough choice)
    – The Intruders “Guess who loves you” (despite the disturbing line that says: “I know where you live, because I followed you home”)
    – Geater Davis “Sweet woman’s love”, classic
    – The Syl johnson track mentioned by Phono13
     – The huge “The love I found in you” by the Brother of soul. I am cheating a bit since I first heard of them on soulsides

  9. … and how could I forget “higher and higher” by Jackie Wilson who left it all on the floor with this one.

  10. Stevie Wonder – All I Do.  Is there a more joyous song about not getting someone off your mind?

  11. Some of these are past the wooing stage but here are a few that made our wedding mix:
    Sweet Wanomi – Bill Withers
    We Were Made for Each Other – Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson
    I’ll Go All the Way – Gloria Barnes
    There’s No Me Without You – Marcia Griffiths
    Trippin Out – Curtis Mayfield
    Lovin’ You – Johnny Guitar Watson
    Simply Beautiful – Al Green
    I’ll Let Nothing Separate Us – Otis Redding

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