Don Gardner: My Baby Likes To Boogaloo
From 7″ (Tru-Glo-Town, 1967). Also on Shakin’ Fit

Even though this 45 has been in heavy rotation amongst Northern Soul fans, I never knew about it until I heard DJ Vinnie Esparza play it during my farewell gig in S.F. It is the Hardest. Thing. I. Have. Heard. If not ever, then at least in recent memory. It’s like a wallop to the dome with a mallet. I find it amazing that someone like Fatboy Slim never jacked that opening guitar riff and used it to power one of his “Rockefeller Skank” era songs.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t try down too much biographical info on Garnder besides the fact that, in the early ’60s, he was partnered with Dee Dee Ford. Regardless, this has now catapulted to the very top of my “when you need to destroy the party and leave it ashes” playlist.