Bobby Reed: Time Is Right
From 7″ (Bell, 196?)

Tek and Steele: We Came Up (Crystal Stair) (feat. Talib Kweli)
From Reloaded (Duck Down, 2005)

Tek and Steele: We Came Up (Bobby Reed Section)

My man Hua hepped me to this Smif N Wessun cut from 2005 that missed my radar and the first thing I noted was, “oh schnap, they’re looping up Bobby Reed’s “Time Is Right For Love,” aka “one of the few records I’d current break the $300 mark to cop”.

I can’t believe I didn’t already write about Reed for the site (I got brief mention before but never a dedicated thread.) Best. Thing. Ever. Seriously. This song is one of the best two minutes you’ll ever enjoy. It’s so good I’m not even going to try to explain why it’s so good, lest I tarnish its greatness with my descriptive inadequacies.

Now – I’m not saying, at all, that this song needs a remix. But listening to “We Came Up” made me think, “ok, this is cool but honestly – I think someone could do a better job with it.” I isolated the end of the song, where it’s really just Reed’s OG with a beat behind it so you can get a sense of how they play with it. (And yes, yes, I know, Saint Etienne already messed with this but I’m not really feeling their take either. And if you want to truly hear an abomination, check this.)

So heck, I know a few Soul Sides readers mess with production so I thought I’d put out a high-quality copy of the Reed to see what folks might come up with if anyone is so inclined. If anyone actually messes around with this, please send me a copy to peep.

Wait, did I already mention that the Reed original is one of the best things ever? And that I cannot believe I haven’t written about it until now even though it’s quite possibly my favorite record of the last two years?