I have finally updated my blog roll (it’s probably been at least a year or more).

What always strikes me in this process is how many blogs have vanished (oh, how I got used to blogspot’s “this page cannot be found” error message pages) or have gone on hiatus – some announced, most have atrophied in a long-term holding pattern with no definitive resolution.

Clearly, the time and labor these blogs consume often comes too high for those with more important (or at least, lucrative) things to do and whatever ardor they may have had in the beginning fades to inactivity. That’s partially why I have great admiration for all the blogs out there that, week-in, week-out, are still putting in work. These sites may not charge, but you can bet they come at a cost for the creators.

I’ve added a few new blogs to my “Favorites” list, especially a few I’ve written about here repeatedly, like Chairman Mao and Matthew Africa’s. I also just threw on two Latin music blogs that I plan on spending extensive time with – Super Sonido and Musica Del Alma.

Remember, if you want to get added, read here first. But also keep in mind, that I don’t update that often (obviously) but I have gotten into the habit of doing quick-strike posts for blogs of note and I’ll try to continue that.